Quick Massage (QM)

With the aim to promote massage as a form of healing touch, QM originates its skills from Thailand having learned from the gurus. Our massages emphasize back to the roots of massage via the basic pressure points and improve the blood circulation.

Customers will be served with a cup of tea after the massage. Please inform our staff if you feel nausea during the massage as you might not have enough rest before our massage.

Quick Massage Technologies - Shoulder & back massage


Massage will be performed on the seated chair and the area massaged will be on the neck, shoulder to the lower back of the body.

The massage aims to improve the blood circulation and release the body stress through the massage on the meridian lines.

We emphasis in using our body weight instead of hand strength therefore the difference in our massage techniques.

Quick Massage Technologies - Sports massage


Massage will be performed on the specific area and is for improving the blood circulation and assist in the healing of the injure muscles.

Healing takes time and depends on the body.